a whole life

nothing but heart and some kidney
"ἔστιν ἀνθρώποις ἀνέμων ὅτε πλείστα χρῆσις" *
(Pindar, Olympian 11:1)

* ("there is a time when it is for winds that men have greatest need")


the time that remains (on Ps.16[XII 15]:9b)

what gives duration to the self is not a physical necessity, an abstract and transcendental law, but hope proper.
she is the mother of freedom, the field of love.
she is what makes a body a person.
she is the meaning of time.
and “hope does not make us ashamed,...” [Ro.5:5].
and her name is logos.


ό,τι δίνει διάρκεια στο λογικό υποκείμενο δεν είναι μια φυσική αναγκαιότητα, κάποιος αφηρημένος και υπερβατικός νόμος, αλλά η ελπίδα καθεαυτή.
αυτή είναι η μητέρα της ελευθερίας, το πεδίο της αγάπης.
αυτή είναι ό,τι κάνει ένα σώμα πρόσωπο.
αυτή είναι το νόημα του χρόνου.
και “η ελπις ου καταισχυνει,...” [Ρωμ.5:5].
και το όνομα της είναι λόγος.


Occident's oscillation

i see West's whole history as a pendulum,
which has as its two zeniths, or pull-points,
two violent forces:
Expansion & Accumulation.
the former finds its venomous virtue in the Law (originally Roman and after civil);
the latter prevails as monetarism, or bank feudalism.
both deny Father's will—the double commandment of love [Mt.22:37-40],
and represent themselves as a distorted image of the nature.

► nature, which is self-manifested (as i can see her through Logos' double commandment) as the unlimited aporia of limits.