natural aesthetics

ό,τι χώμα στερείται
να φυτρώνη αληθινά δεν μπορεί.
ότι την πράξη το πράγμα την κάνει
κι έτσι το έργο τον τεχνίτη βεβαιώνει.


whatever is deprived of soil
cannot spring in truth;
'cause the deed does the doing
and so, the handiwork verifies the craftsman.


natural politics (on Mat.5:22)

to name is to love: to open your being to other beings
—an act of heart and mind as one whole person.
to adject is to judge: to oppose your consciousness to other beings
—an act of mind as sovereign modifier; a denial of nature for the sake of an arbitrary moral ego.
to word (verb) is to communicate politically: to relate your presence to the other beings
—an act either of personal freedom (in the case of naming), or of dominion (in the case of morals). where, freedom means the logical unity of nature in the person, and, dominion means the contemplative rupture of nature in the autonomous consciousness.


"Wer das Tiefste gedacht, liebt das Lebendigste" (Hederlin)


natural history

snail owes its exquisite well-shaped-ness to its mucus which is flaking off under the sun
το σαλιγκάρι χρωστά την ευ-μορφιά του στην βλέννα του που
ξεφλουδίζει κάτω απ’ τον ήλιο


on 1Cor.7:29-31(*)

ο αστικός νόμος νομοθετεί ένα μόνον, την διατήρηση του
—η αυθεντική βία: το νόημα μέσα στο νόημα.
η ανομία εκβιάζει ένα μόνον, την μοναξιά σαν μόνη τάξη
—η αυθαίρετη βία: η απουσία νοήματος σαν νόημα.

έτσι, η ομορφιά είναι πάντα θλιβερή


bourgeois law legislates just one thing, its upkeep
—the authentic violence: the meaning in the meaning.
anomy constrains for just one thing, the loneliness as the only order
—the arbitrary violence: the absence of meaning as meaning.

so, beauty is always sad

(*) “the only philosophy which can be responsibly practiced in face of despair is the attempt to contemplate all things as they would present themselves from the standpoint of redemption” (Th. Adorno, Minima Moralia)


ecology, 4 (or, Gesthemane, the eternal Eden)

the man said: 'you are my actuality: the totality of my conditions'
the Nature replied: 'you are my totality: the actuality of my meaning'
the Spirit smiled (in) the garden of Gesthemane


mechanics (Mat.7:24-7)

η πέτρα βαστά βαθειά μέσα της το νόημα της
—ό,τι η άμμος σκόρπισε στους ανέμους και στις βροχές—
αυτό που βαστά το βάρος του λόγου
που πάνω της στέκει


the rock holds in itself its meaning
—what the sand dissipated to the winds and rains—
which bears the weight of the word
that stands on it