religious zombies, 2 (on the politics of Col.2:18-23)

the deception that a particular action is universal is moral-consciousness’ violence: self’s self-subversion (conforming itself to an incomprehensible moral law), which (via its relation with the other) turns into subverting the other. sentimentality and violence hidden under the fake (since face is suspended) of morality and ‘love’. abstractions which make the life abstract: unreal. (the revolt against He who issues the life: He who IS life, hence, has no room for moralities and abstractions, i.e. violence.)
“μηδεις υμας καταβραβευετω … φυσιουμενος υπο του νοος της σαρκος αυτου … [εμβατευων] Μη αψηι μηδε γευσηι μηδε θιγηις … ατινα εστιν λογον μεν εχοντα σοφιας εν εθελοθρησκιαι και ταπεινοφροσυνηι” (Col.2:18-23)
“[let] no one to cheat you[r lives] … being conceited by his flesh’s mind … [pontificating] Do not touch, nor taste, nor finger … which [seems to] bear wisdom in a manner of self-imposed-piety and [made-up-]humility” (trans. by me)