one can understand the things, the deeds and the persons, only if can be in dialogue with them.
and to be in dialogue means that i am standing in front of the other person and i accept totally his/her truth and we share our common and our personal meanings and desires.
bourgeois (either “conservatives” or “leftists”) cannot understand our children, simply 'cause they are unable to be in dialogue. and that, out of the bourgeoisie's nature, which is the denial of this personal opening to other's truth. the bourgeoisie is nothing else but that transcendentalised and hard-core individualism. both meaning and desire are absolutely individual. what truely happens is for them nothing but an image on a screen (even a three-dimensional one); and the only means for understanding they have is their (one-dimensional) pseudo-consciousness of the “tax-payer citizen” in a bureaucratic society. this is ALREADY violence. but, when the image becomes too real, that is plaucibly near, then the only they can do is to turn their conceptual violence into direct and plausible violence.

so, bourgeois “intellectuals” say, “it is not an uprising because the children do not have political demands, nor even political consciousness”. (in other words “they are bums under sentimental load”).
a filthy and coward LIE!
if there is anything truely POLITICAL, this is the children's revolt. for one and only reason:
from its very beginning till now (and its tomorrow) children revolt is in its heart and its action an EXPLOSION OF SOLIDARITY. the kids deny in deeds (that is politically) to give over their being to individualism. they are offering their lives and their deeds among them. spontaneously, naturally, truely. the kids at this very moment fulfil POLITICS. not as a selfish list of demands; but politics in her deepest essence: they live their every moment the one for the other and the one with the other.
that dynamics is bureaucrats' dread: the revelation of true life in all her fullness.