Death wants only one thing: dominion, total dominion.
Death exists only as dominion, and dominion can be only as an all-pervasive, all-mighty lie.
but lie is what is not; hence lie is all-weak, what is all-futile.
so, they who seek power and dominion are the totally weak who want to control in order to be; but they cannot truely be since their being is all-lie, and as such they are dead, and their work is death.


ὁ Θάνατος ἐπιζητᾶ μόνο ἕνα: κυριαρχία ἀπόλυτη.
ὁ Θάνατος ὑπάρχει μόνο σὰν κυριαρχία κι αὐτὴ μπορεῖ νὰ συμβαίνη μόνο σὰν ἕνα ψεῦδος ποὺ διαπερνᾶ τὰ πάντα καὶ ἰσχύει πάντων.
ὅμως τὸ ψεῦδος εἶναι ὅ,τι δὲν εἶναι· καὶ ἔτσι τὸ ψεῦδος εἶναι ὅ,τι κατὰ πάντα ἀνίσχυρο, ὅ,τι κατὰ πάντα μάταιο.
συνακόλουθα, ὅσοι ἐπιζητοῦν ἐξουσία καὶ κυριαρχία εἶναι οἱ καθολικὰ ἀνίσχυροι ποὺ ἐπιθυμοῦν νὰ ἐλέγξουν ὥστε νὰ ὑπάρξουν· ὅμως δὲν μποροῦν ἀληθινὰ νὰ εἶναι καθὼς ἡ φύση τους εἶναι ὅλη ψεῦδος, καὶ σὰν τέτοιοι εἶναι νεκροί, καὶ τὰ ἔργα τους εἶναι θάνατος.